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Technical skills at your fingertips / Give your practice the tech edge

Do you find yourself spending valuable time on monotonous office maintenance?  Or are you looking for a well co-ordinated technical and operational office support system to assist  your business?  Then DOTS is for you.

Technology assumes a new meaning with DOTS. To provide the best in healthcare backed by viable technical support machines is the aspiration of any healthcare professional.  This would be very much feasible if they had expert technical professionals looking after their needs and helping them pursue their goals. 

At Infotech Age, we have at our disposal the technical brilliance of our experts in this field.  Experts who impart their technical, functional and operational abilities for enhancing your business and creating an  integrated unit in tune with the vision of the business.


Your vision - Providing excellent healthcare with the latest technology possible. 
Our Goal - Giving you ease of operation and technical solutions to achieve and enhance your vision.


Our customers range from independent medical practitioners to huge hospitals and healthcare organizations.  With DOTS, they are able to offer infinitely better healthcare at nominal costs. 



Let your office take care of itself

Practicing healthcare professionals need an integrated technology software that synchronizes and takes care of all their office billing, record-maintenance, appointment scheduling and front office management.  Ease of operation in all these tasks gives these professionals the freedom to actively promote the cause of their patients.  While the management technology takes care of all the mundane office jobs, the professional can concentrate on actively serving his patients.

Thus, Practice Management Technologies are the need of the hour for medical practitioners.  We, at Infotech Age take pride in introducing ourselves as being foremost in producing innovative and customized management software to suit your varied needs. At Infotech Age, we place special emphasis on ease of operation, user-friendliness, no hefty investments and a customized approach for the development of its management software.

Hence, if you are looking for a one-stop system to take care of all your office management needs, then don’t look any further. For we are here to help you take care of your office, while you devote more time to providing the best care for your patients.



Always at your service

Breakdown of your complex machinery and medical equipment can be a nightmare for practicing medicos.  Don’t panic, for we specialize in providing emergency repair services for all your equipment needs.  Our team of dedicated technicians are always at your beck and call to lend a helping hand.  We ensure that your equipment is back to work again within the shortest time possible.



Showcase your dental wizardry

Does the very thought of an appointment with a dentist always conjure painful images for your patients?  Now dentists can breathe easy.  For we, at Infotech Age, are here to convince your patients to change their perceptions of dentists. 

A perfect smile would indeed launch a thousand products if marketed properly.  The role of marketing and advertising of products has grown tremendously over the years.  It is unimaginable for companies to market new products without an adequate advertising campaign to back them.  Dental marketing too, has come of age.

Dentists – both practicing and newly started clinics now have the option of choosing to market and showcase their abilities and new technological skills.  With technology scaling new heights and innovations treading a fiery pace, dentists now have wide-ranging techniques to make life easier for their patients.  Assisting them in putting forth their capabilities and technical adaptations is the real essence of Dental Marketing.

Infotech Age is committed to market and project your abilities and skills in a way that will reassure your existing patients and convince your potential ones.  So, watch your practice flourish, while we sit back and relish your success.

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Launching Dental Management Software "SENSE"

Our dental support team is launching Dental Management Software in US and Canadian dental market.
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